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Protective Candian Products

for Canadian Workers

Frequently asked questions

Is this a considered a Class 1 Medical Device in Canada?

This is a consumer product only & is not for medical use. The product offers added personal protection against dust particles & germs, when social distancing of 6 feet, may be compromised.

Does this unit also mount onto prescription &/or sun glasses?

It is designed to fit most prescription or sun glasses.

Is the PET face shield re-usable?

Yes, we suggest that you hand wash it every day with warm/mild soapy water & pat dry with a soft cloth.

Are any of the plastic components made from recycled plastics?

Yes, both the Flexible PVC nose piece & the PET Shield have some recycled plastic content.

Are the face shield & nose piece recyclable resins?

Yes, both are recyclable & can be molded into new products downstream, however, check with your community for recycling practices in your city or region.

Do the safety glasses in the kits meet any ANSI standards?

Yes, the 3M safety glasses meet the ANSI-Z87.1 Standard.

How durable is the 3M adhesive that holds the nose piece on?

It is very durable, it can be peeled off the glasses but it certainly does take some effort to do so.

It covers the eyes, nose, and mouth, why isn't it a PPE?

It doesn't qualify. A PPE shield by definition is required to cover the cheeks and forehead as well.

It doesn't filter!

It works differently. Most everyday masks filter around 15% after leakage and efficiency with all the air entering the shared envelope This shield diverts approx. 85% of ones exhale downwards away from the shared enveloped, expecting a greater portion to reach the ground sooner.

How does it protect me?

Versus a mask, it forces one to wear a pair of glasses, covering the third entry entry point.
With respect to particles, both shields and masks block the larger particles from someone else. These particles when exhaled are enrobed in moisture, making them heavier and larger,
but like a person's breath in cool air, the particle dry very quickly to it base particle.
In the case of Covid, thats .150 microns. Unless you have an N95 properly sealed to the face there is little protection.

What's a benefit of the shield versus a mask?

One thing not discussed much is the cumulative effect When a mask is contaminated. the wearer continuously breathes through the compromised media. The shield has no filter.

Can you explain a bit more about aerosols.

Typically aerosols are around 1 micron. A normal breathe is over 80% less than this. Particles like a virus are enrobed in moisture at about 0.7 microns and is dried in the air, much like how you see your breath on a cold night and quickly dries and disappears, reduces to its
base particle.

Why the reference to being able to smell smoke?

Smoke particles are around the 1 micron range, similar to the moisture enrobed particles. Hence if you smell smoke, an sufficient number of particles are passing either through or
around a mask that the body can sense.

Why so small as opposed to a full face piece?

The objective of the shield was to control a person's exhale and try and maintain the velocity that the body naturally creates. The greater the downward velocity, the sooner the particles reach the ground.

Do you have a kids size?

We opted to create one size that can be trimmed for the smaller faces. It was tough enough trying to balance all the different Facial features as it was.

Why is it open on the bottom?

It works differently. Being open there is little pressure required like a cloth mask. A person's breathing requires around 1 to 2 pascals and a properly seal surgical mask rated at a normal breath requires several times that. Most people don't experience the pressure do to the amount of leakage.

Leakage, where?

Consider a shaven face and a custom fit is required for the N95 mask. Just think about the size of your nostrils and compare it to the gaps around the nose to the mask, let alone all the areas at the pleats. If you have a good seal, great.

Isn't it cooler?

For most, it is far cooler than a mask, but some have found it equally as warm. Those few have the shield pressing against the face. I prefer a light touch, and I find its cool.

Can you wear it with a mask?

Yes, But. The benefit for fogging is gone There is another case. We have a large number of industrial users that required a face shield over their mask. They now use this shield versus the full blown PPE.

I like the feel of a mask on my face, its ensuring, but I don't
feel that with the shield.

It was never meant to press heavily against the face. This was a beef by a number who had rashes and hated the pressure at the ears. You cant change this a bit by the clip location and by bending the docking section on a bit of an angle. But be careful, it is only a thin plastic.

Why is this better than a mask?

That's subjective. Lightweight, easy to clean and dry, easier to breath, little accumulation of contaminate. Constant resistance versus masks when they get damp. But basically it's an impermeable barrier that directs the air away from the shared envelope, and being downward, reaching the ground sooner.